The Many Uses For Acrylic Displays For Your Business

Have you been considering new ways to show off the items in your retail store or estate agent office and can’t seem to find just the right way to make them more noticeable to your customers? Many retailers, estate agents and more struggle with this and, while they have tried their best to come up with a solution, they often fall just short of it.

The Many Uses For Acrylic Displays For Your

To display your products or properties and entice potential customers to buy them, not only does the product itself have to look attractive, but so does the display case you choose. A well designed acrylic display case can show off your products and draw attention to them better than any other retail display solution.

Where can you use an acrylic display case in your retail business and what are some of the best uses for countertop displays? Let’s take a look at some of the many uses for acrylic displays for your business:

Uses For Acrylic Displays

Featured Items Or Specials- your promotional or sale items should be displayed prominently and away from your regularly priced goods. This ensures that your customers see that these items are special and that your sale is more effective. Acrylic display cases or floor-standing cable displays are the perfect way to feature these products.

Signs- whether you are displaying signs to let your customers know about an upcoming sale, or you are displaying product information, an acrylic sign holder can give your sign the attention it needs without any additional distractions.

Collectible Displays- collectibles are often high priced items that you want to make look as exclusive as possible in your retail shop. A countertop acrylic display case or a wall slat acrylic display case will help you show off the latest trends in the collectible market in a secure and attractive way.

Clothing Or Apparel Accessories- fashion accessories such as men’s ties and cufflinks, women’s necklaces, pendants and bracelets and other accessories can be best displayed in an acrylic display case on your counter or mounted on a wall.

The Many Uses For Acrylic Displays

Estate Agents- estate agents often use acrylic sign holders to display properties they have available for sale. This gives the potential home buyer the ability to view the property and find out more information about it without actually having to speak to an agent until they are ready. Cable acrylic sign holders can be used in storefronts and as window displays to showcase exclusive properties even when the estate agent’s office is closed.

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After over 30 years in the industry, Fairfield Display and Lighting Ltd. has recently gone into administration at the end of October 2016. Fairfield Display and Lighting Ltd. was a reputable company specialising in creating display systems to help businesses enhance the presentation of their stores and make intelligent use of space. They offered a variety of display units to allow businesses to showcase their products or services.

Pure Display offers similar services with fast delivery times to help you with your business requirements. Visit our website for more information.


High Quality Display Solutions Help Businesses Reach New Heights

At present, customers put a lot of emphasis on presentation. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you need to find the ideal display solution that complements your business. Fairfield Display and Lighting Ltd. offered various options, such as:

  • Cable display systems

    – Retail stores and real estate agencies, to spas and salons, all types of businesses can make use of suspended shelves to display products, posters or information about special deals. This is one of the most elegant, yet discreet ways of attracting the attention of customers.

  • Rod display systems

    – Businesses can create an enticing and dynamic display using rods. It can be showcased either vertically or horizontally, with the rods coming in varying thickness, from 3mm to 10mm. Its assembly is extremely easy and it can be dismantled for transportation without any trouble.

  • LED display systems

    – These slim light boxes illuminated with bright LED lights are absolutely fantastic and perfect for creating a lot of hype. No matter what your business deals in, these display units are surely going to take your business to the next level.

  • Digital signage

    – Digital screens are a powerful tool to display your products or inform customers about any special deal or offer. It is a wonderful way to display a lot of information.


In addition to the above, prior to going into administration, Fairfield Display and Lighting Ltd. offered Sign Systems, Shelving & Product Displays, Software Packages and more. They offered customised solutions based on individual preferences, needs, business aims and goals, space and decor.

It’s clear

Acrylic is a kind of plastic used in display cases around the world, and acrylic display cases in the UK are increasingly popular. Acrylic is clearer than most glass, even plate glass, which tends to have a green tint at the edges. This transparency is especially important if the items you place in the display case are small and finely detailed, like earrings, watches, rings and other items of jewellery. You want your customers to be able to see the items at their most sparklingly attractive. Acrylic is also used in motorcycle helmet visors, so you know it will meet high visibility standards.

It’s tough

Acrylic is both strong and durable. It can support heavy weights, and is more resistant to physical impact than glass. The protective barriers which surround ice hockey rinks are made of acrylic. The reason for that? It is clear enough to allow the audience to enjoy every detail of the game, but tough enough to withstand the impact of flying pucks. If the items in the display case are valuable, they are vulnerable. Acrylic is, therefore, a good way of protecting your livelihood. It is also extremely long lasting.

It’s flexible

The flexibility of acrylic means that it can be shaped in many different ways, and given rounded corners or square corners. It also means that it’s easy to design, make and duplicate original display stands and cases, which is very useful if you want identical pieces in several stores.

It’s light

Glass cases can be remarkably heavy, but acrylic display cases do not have the same problem. They are relatively light and therefore easy to move around when you want to change your displays – something you and your employees are bound to appreciate. Acrylic is also very easy to clean and resistant to chemicals.

It’s not perfect

No material is absolutely perfect. The main drawback of acrylic is that it is less scratch resistant than glass. Over time, wear and tear on an acrylic case can build up, and it becomes less transparent and more obviously damaged. Fortunately, there is a solution to this, as acrylic can be treated by applying paste wax to the surface, which will make it scratch resistant without affecting its transparency.

What to look for in display supplies

The exact display supplies you require will depend on the nature of your business and what you need to display. If you run a retail business, you will probably want to display the items you sell, especially your more desirable products or any new or discounted items. It’s a good idea to draw attention to the unique qualities of your products or your business itself with hanging displays. You can use items such as cable display systems or connector systems to advertise any special promotions you are running or to highlight information about your products. If you are a service-based business without physical products to display, such display systems are vital to advertise your offerings and attract the attention of passing pedestrians or motorists.

Any display systems you buy should be of high quality. Ideally, they should come from a specialist supplier who has worked with a wide range of businesses and can fully understand your needs. Depending on your requirements, you might also want to opt for a more flexible display system that you can change over time. Think about whether your display requirements are seasonal and whether you tend to run a lot of special promotions throughout the year. If your window displays are regularly changing, you might be able to save money in the long run by choosing a display system that gives you the flexibility to use it in a number of different ways.

The importance of branding

Whether you are an established business or a new start-up, it’s vital that you cultivate an instantly recognisable and memorable brand. The right window display equipment can help you do this. By using display supplies to promote your brand, you will establish a strong identity and ensure your premises stand out. Installing a simple cable display system in your window allows you to display an ever-changing variety of posters, informational literature or promotional flyers, all pushing your brand identity and message. Window space is often wasted, so turning this space into an advert for your company helps promote your business with minimal outlay. The best supplies will allow you to use them in a variety of ways to perfectly suit your unique needs.

An Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The high street is an increasingly competitive environment, and attracting positive attention towards your products or services should form an integral part of your marketing strategy.

High-quality LED panels can help to ensure that all eyes are on your business for the all the right reasons. Illuminated panels of varying sizes can display all the information your business requires in a modern and upmarket way that will greatly enhance the presence of your business and ensure that you remain one step ahead of your competitors.

Giving your window display a makeover can make a marked and positive difference to your space, generating increased footfall and more enquiries as well as driving through your branding into every corner of your business. When you exceed expectations in every part of your business, you’ll make a positive and lasting impression on your customer base.

An illuminated design will ensure your display looks modern and professional, with clean lines ensuring all the attention will be on the information you are looking to communicate to your potential customers.

Affordable Displays for Every Business

LED lighting is available in a variety of sizes and forms, making it an adaptable choice for many different businesses, from estate agents to opticians and everything in between.

Free-standing units with clean lines and weighted bases make ideal window displays. With a modern aesthetic, they ensure your window display will always look organised whilst still ensuring there is enough space for you to display all the information you want to communicate with your customers. As they are free-standing, installation is not required, and you will be able to move it around quickly and easily should you need to.

LED light panels are easy to install and incredibly efficient. Able to be installed into a variety of different window sizes, the cables used will eliminate any risk of accidental shorting of the circuit, ensuring the display is completely safe at all times.

It’s a tough market out there, but a well-designed window display can ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Sleek LED displays create clean lines and a fresh feel whilst communicating important information to your prospective customers.

Light up your window style

Passing trade is one of the biggest targets for most high street and small town businesses. But how do you make sure you attract these passers-by? What will make your window display stand out from the rest? On those dark nights, how will you inspire those walking by to stop and look inside?

Your store window is the soul of your estate agency. It is the place where you can seek to inspire your customers. Appeal to their imagination, style or taste. Big brands go all out with window displays and some even plan their windows well in advance, down to every little detail and taking into account seasonal themes and other big events.

Dressed to impress

From Barneys department store with its ice castles and live performances, to the famous Tiffany boutique on 5th Avenue and its diamante deers and dazzling chandeliers, knowing your market is key to dressing your window.

First things first, go outside and have a good look, imagine yourself as the customer. What would you want to see? Is your window well laid out? Does it invite people to come in? Is there anything missing? These are all essential questions when trying to understand your customer’s view.

Once you know just what it is that you want in your window, what exactly you want your window displays to achieve, how much space you have and the budget available, you are on the right path to creating a dazzling display that is perfect for your business.

Light it up

Lighting could also help to increase business. In fact, research has shown that adding lighting to your window display could increase sales by up to 107 per cent. Put simply, the addition of effective lighting could double your sales and draw customers in. Lighting definitely attracts the eye, which in turn will focus attention on your display.

If you look around your high street you will see many shops using lights to highlight features, with many of them estate agent window displays. For estate agents, whose only focus is to display available property, lighting around each card is a highly effective way to make their window look more interesting and attractive.

So, next time you are looking to improve your window display, turn to lighting to add a little bit of dazzle and a whole lot of interest, to really take your business to the next level.

An estate agent’s window display is arguably more important than it is for any other business. As an estate agent, your window is the best opportunity you have to get people though your door. What marketing considerations are there when it comes to estate agent window displays, and how can you ensure that yours is doing the absolute best that it can for you?

Clear Diversification

Most people who look in an estate agent window are either looking for sales or lettings; rarely does anyone look for both at once. This means that you need to make it very clear which properties are which. The best way to accomplish this is to use two windows, preferably with a large title display in each one.

Professional Displays

Once upon a time, estate agent windows showed nothing more than a black-and-white picture and a typed description, but times have changed dramatically. Be at the forefront of change by ensuring you have the latest and most innovative options in window display marketing. This may be in the form of LED displays using a rod or backlit illumination.

Not Just Properties

Once you’ve invested in LED display units or quality rod displays, remember that you can use these displays for more than just properties. Having a sale on commission prices? Need more properties to be signed up in certain postcodes? Want to push your Facebook site? A changing “promotions” display can be used for a range of marketing purposes.

Which Properties?

The biggest challenge is choosing which properties to display. This depends on your wider marketing plan and market position. Estate agents who position themselves as upmarket, top-dollar properties agents simply need to showcase the best they have, but those representing a more varied cross-section of the market also need to show this through their displays. Choose a selection based on price that covers your geographical area. Make sure you include a range of period properties and modern ones. When it comes to the really good properties on your books – whether they’re a good deal or are simply beautiful – use a larger display that offers space for more photos.

When it comes to estate agent displays, it’s really important to think carefully about these marketing considerations. Choosing the right properties, making the most of displays and investing in a professional display itself will all help set you apart from your competitors.

Are Acrylic Display Cases All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

The simple answer is yes. Pure Display, who specialise in the provision of acrylic display cases, think they are all they’re cracked up to be and more. They would suggest that if you’re thinking of using them to boost your display, growth or advertising power, then they are the go-to name because they are one of the foremost suppliers of acrylic display cases in the UK. And to clear up (no pun intended) that question in the title literally, it’s a fact that, as opposed to glass, acrylic is unlikely to let you down, with it being between 8 and 17 times stronger than glass.

The Technical Bit

Developed in 1928 by various chemists, the first acrylic to emerge commercially came under the name of Plexiglass. Although chemically it has no resemblance to glass, the association has sometimes stuck, and acrylic is still often referred to as acrylic glass.


You name it, basically. Acrylic is renowned for its amazing versatility. Not only is it stronger than glass, but it also lets in 92% of the available light. That’s over 10% more than glass. It can be used in any kind of domestic and commercial situation because it can easily be glued, sawn, drilled, routed, printed, painted and coloured. You will have seen, but probably not noticed it, in skylights, fish tanks, door handles, furniture, guitars and even dentures.

Although Pure Display like to get their teeth into many things, they do stop short of dentures. Instead, as a major supplier of acrylic display cases in the UK, they know how much of a boost they can be to many businesses.

They have supplied, amongst others, estate agencies, hairdressers, retail outlets big and small and opticians. Those businesses have demanded, and been supplied with, everything from poster holders to free-standing or wall-mounted panels and from cube displays and kits to plinths and pedestals. The bottom line is that all those businesses understand the importance of reliable fixtures they can trust. At the same time, they also take into consideration other advantages such as durability, practicality and minimum maintenance.


Inexpensive and adaptable, acrylic has many more benefits than glass, but it comes at a lower cost and without the danger of shattering.

The psychology behind window displays

Retailers could have an advantage over their competitors just by attracting more passing foot traffic. Many believe that successful window displays come down to the scientific study of the human mind and its behaviours. Luckily, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds because common sense comes into play.

Visual merchandising

Needless to say, most retailers know that a window display is essential in showing the consumer what their brand is about. However, what some may not realise is that there are additional tricks that will ensure their products are promoted in the best possible way.

Tips and tricks

Research has shown that the brightness of lights in a window display can also encourage or discourage attention. This obviously depends on the type of product on sale. For example, furniture and home accessories stores might benefit from a dimmer, cosier lighting whilst kitchen appliance showrooms might benefit from brighter lighting. It is well-known that dim lights promote comfort and relaxation. Therefore, adjusting the lighting of a display could help to trick the consumer into being more responsive while they shop. The feel-good sensation is one that they will want to take home with them, so the odds of them making bigger purchases is much greater.

Another factor that plays with the consumer’s emotions is the amount of products on show. The old saying ‘less is more’ really is key, because no consumer is going to be able to think clearly and logically when looking at a crowded window display. The retailer should also try to feed the consumer’s imagination, by allowing them to mentally picture themselves using the product.

Display specialist companies such as Pure Displays offer a wide range of high quality window display supplies, including lighting and various displays, which can help retailers to promote their brand appropriately. With a little knowledge and planning, retailers can easily identify with the psychology of visual merchandising and take steps towards attracting more customers to their stores.

How LED Window Displays Can Be Used to Drive Sales

Owning a business and making sure it is profitable can be very stressful. If you own a retail store or estate agents, one of the most important things is making a good first impression. An effective window display can make all the difference. It can draw new clients into your business, enhance your brand image, improve customer loyalty and promote individual products or brands. Above all else, your window display can be used as a major tool to drive sales.

Influence Buying Decisions

A huge 50 per cent of purchase decisions are actually made on impulse. To put this another way, half of all purchases are made on the spot inside the store. It goes without saying that a window display is a fantastic opportunity to influence your customers’ buying behaviours – and whether they choose to buy from your business or a competitor. Attracting their attention and encouraging them to enter your premises is just the start, and the power of lighting displays, signage and colour to increase sales is significant.

Lighting is probably one of the biggest factors in improving sales. Research suggests that simply adding lighting can increase sales by a massive 107 per cent! Investing in good-quality LED lighting could potentially more than double sales. There is a simple reason that lighting can prove so successful. The lighting draws passers-by to your display. Similarly, an unlit or badly lit display or shop front could seriously undermine any effort made to make your premises look inviting.

Choose LED for Top-Quality Displays

LED lighting is one of the most versatile and non-intrusive choices when it comes to display lighting and window displays. LED lighting has taken display lighting to a new level of quality and design. Miniature low-voltage LEDS can be embedded into acrylic. The light is then reflected behind the paper display area – all in less than 20mm.

Lighting can be used to create a very specific ambience, and when done well, it has been proven to have a dramatic impact on sales. Consider what effect you want to create and then use LED lighting to highlight specific objects or areas within the display. It is quite important to talk to a specialist in LED window displays because regular electricians might not have the expert knowledge required to provide the right advice and equipment.