Apart from the location, an attractive window display can have a big impact to the amount of footfall your shop will receive.

Your window display creates the first impression on the minds of potential customers and encourages (or discourages) them on whether to walk into your store or not.

It is one of the most cost effective marketing tools that any retail store with a physical location has.

Window display is not simply about displaying your merchandising. Think of it as a way to create an emotional bond between your customers and your products.

It is a special form of advertising your products. It gives an idea of what you are offering to consumers. It needs to tell them about how your products will benefit them. How it will improve their lives in some way.

It determines whether a customer will enter your store or continue walking.

On the High Street, studies show that approx. 60% of buying decisions are made on an impulse. An attractive window display increases your chance of attracting the attention of people and influences them to buy from you. Leveraging the power of window display can help boost your revenues and ultimately grow your business.

Some Tips to Create an Attractive Window Display

•    Plan Well
Planning the window display properly can help increase your sales. Take time to determine what effect you want to achieve using window displays. While planning window displays, ensure that you assign enough funds to achieve what you really want. Smart budgeting is key during the planning stages as you don’t want to exhaust your resources in one area of the display and find yourself lacking funds for the rest.

•    Be Creative
An attractive window display is one that tells a story. You may be tempted to display items in your favorite color. However, it may make your display look too simplistic. It is advisable to start with a theme and then put the pieces together. Change the displayed items often to avoid familiarity (but don’t change them too often, not giving them enough of a chance to make an impact).

•    Surprise your Customers
If you want to grab the attention of your customers, you need to avoid becoming predictable. For instance, during Valentines, having red as fine.  But consider a subset of this market (E.g.. getting back with your ex)

•    Use Bold Shapes and Bright Hues
You need not be an artist to create an attractive window display. Just focus on bold colors and shapes. Display items that feature bold shapes and bright hues on the window, so that the customers can see them from a distance.

•    Use Appropriate Lighting
Window lighting should not be overlooked. You can easily draw the attention of customers, if you install correct lighting over your products. Spotlights can be a better choice to illuminate window display.

An attractive, clean and organized window display will surely get attention. They spark interest and convince potential customers to enter the store and make a purchase. You can target right customers with the help of an attractive window display.  It also saves a lot of time and energy of your sales people, as they need not focus on consumers who might not turn to be potential buyers.

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