There are a number of different style of window displays for an estate agent. The most common are the floor to ceiling cable displays that are seen across the country in estate agent window displays. However, these do require installation into the floor, ceiling or walls. In most situations, this is not an issue. However, some shop are either not allowed to drill holes or some owners do not want the expense and hassle with dealing with an installer.

Freestanding displays (also known as floorstanding displays) are an easy option that doesn’t require any installation, but may require some assembly. Although these display units are often more costly than its cable display counterpart, time and money is saved by not having installation. Also, there’s the added advantage of being easily relocated if necessary. There are two main styles of freestanding displays for estate and letting agents.

Freestanding Estate Agent Displays

1. Vertical standing aluminium frames with the cable display system inside. This is everything you would want from the cable display system without the need for installation into the floor and ceiling. Instead, the cables are fixed within the frame and this frame can be easily moved around.

2. Angled floor standing display unit. These are a differnet style completely. Cable displays are great for showing many property listing within a fixed window space. These angled freestanding display units are elegant, but minimal in terms of the number of property listed that can be shown. Matching wall units are also available to compliment this design and style.