Well-lit displays in windows can act as a powerfully dynamic and personal tool for communication. Why splash out on an expensive billboard or newspaper advertisement when you already have a shop-front passed by hundreds, or maybe thousands, of people each day? LED window displays are immediate, impactful and can even be elegant and eco-friendly too.

Illuminated Graphic Displays

Poster displays can be used to promote in-store discounts, new products or special offers. These kinds of displays are most commonly seen in the windows of estate agents, but they come in many different sizes and applications.

Free-standing poster displays add a touch of elegance to your promotional material, whereas cable-suspended displays look sleek and modern. Both types are very flexible, allowing the development of truly customised retail projects, and use LEDs to provide stunning illumination, creating a bold statement to catch the attention of passers-by.

Modular LED Displays

Of course, why tell your customers about your products when you could show them? Contemporary LED window displays include acrylic boxes and cases. This technique avoids the need for graphic design to produce posters and simply exhibits the best of your store. Acrylic boxes are modular, meaning they can be stacked in many different configurations to keep your display looking fresh. As with the poster displays, these acrylic cases can also be cable-suspended, using LED lighting to add elegant emphasis and highlight a beautiful selection of the products you offer.

The Eco-Friendly Option

Additional benefits come with the use of LED technology. These displays use low-voltage LEDs with very low energy consumption. They produce very little heat and last up to ten times longer than fluorescent lights, and significantly longer still than older incandescent bulbs, providing a very cost-effective lighting solution. Also, light given off by LEDs is directional, as opposed to the more diffused light from older bulbs, making them perfect for illuminating your products or posters.

With all of these benefits, from exploiting unused window space to providing an immediate call to action to boost sales, it is time to move your business into the 21st century with stunning, bold and beautiful LED window displays.

When running a business, it is important to appreciate the impact that presentation has on potential customers. And by using beautiful LED displays, you will be able to promote your products and services in a professional and engaging way. But what are the other benefits of this technology for ambitious firms?

Distinctive Displays

Whether you want to catch the eye of a casual pedestrian who happens to walk past your business or showcase content within, an LED-illuminated window display will be an excellent way to achieve your aims.

While they are especially popular amongst estate agents across the country, they are not limited to this industry and can be effectively deployed by businesses of all types.

The integrated lighting means that they are more impactful than a simple poster or banner, and they give you the ability to make sure that your marketing materials are visible even after opening hours have ended. So to create a point-of-sale display that will truly capture the imagination, this technology is an invaluable ally.

Flexible Configurations

LED displays can be configured in a variety of arrangements, with cabled grids letting you set up as many individual panels as are necessary to meet your needs.

This means they can fill the window space precisely, giving your optimal coverage. There are also panels designed to accommodate signage and marketing material of different sizes, ranging from compact A4 sheets to full A1 ads, further enhancing flexibility.

As well as making use of cabled panels, you have the option of choosing free-standing displays that can be placed in high-traffic areas inside your premises. And these thin, light panels are quick and unobtrusive to install.

Efficient and Effective

LEDs produce bright, vibrant illumination, which makes them perfect for highlighting whatever product or service you want to promote. In addition, they are far less power-hungry than traditional bulbs, meaning they not only have the ability to reduce energy bills but will also generate less heat, so improving safety.

For a modern, efficient and effective display solution, LED displays are an excellent choice for a long list of reasons, which explains their widespread use today.

When people come into a business, they’re usually met by some sort of reception desk or counter. They may then have to sit in a waiting area for a short time before they are seen. These are times when you have a golden opportunity to get across information about your business and your products. Of course, you want to do this in a neat and professional way.

On the Table

Using table top displays gives you the opportunity to display advertising, tariff details, menus and more in a neat, clean and attractive way. They’re easier to read than wall-mounted displays and tidier than leaving loose leaflets on display. Both double- and single-sided versions are available, and they can be in either portrait or landscape format in a range of commonly used paper sizes, including standard A4. Made of acrylic, they’re also tough and easy to clean and will have a long life.

Business Uses

Of course, their versatility means that a wide range of different businesses can benefit from using table top displays. Restaurants and cafes are perhaps the most obvious ones. Menus or promotions can be on show and kept clean whilst business owners still have the ability to update them as required. Hotels too can use them on the front desk to show room rates, check-out times and so on.

Garages and workshops can benefit too, promoting offers or displaying rates for regular jobs. Again, there’s the advantage that the information is kept clean and readable but is easy to change when needed.

In large office blocks table top displays on the reception desk or in a waiting area can be used to advertise products, list a particular day’s events and more. They’re useful in professional environments such as solicitors’ and accountants’ offices too, as well as health-care premises for dentists, doctors and opticians.

Retailers of all kinds can use the displays to show important information at the till, such as which credit cards are accepted or special offers. In higher-end retail outlets, table displays can be used to show information about individual items of furniture or artwork.

The appearance of a hair dressing salon can have a huge impact on whether clients will be drawn to make an appointment, if they don’t already know any of the stylists. And the style and design of the salon may also affect whether clients will want to come back. It is as much about the experience as it is about the hair cut.

If a salon is designed well and displays its products and services in a particular way, it can make a huge difference to clients’ perceptions. If a salon is aiming to be trendy or sophisticated, they need to pay careful attention to the interior design and layout. And there are so many display options to choose from.

LED Light Box Displays

The latest trend is for LED lighting, which, although funky and fashionable, has the added advantage of being cheaper to run as well as eye-catching for hair salon window displays. And LED lighting is also more environmentally friendly, as the lamps are more energy-efficient than the old-fashioned bright lights. They come in a range of sizes and are constructed with aluminium frames to allow for frequent changes of posters or photographs. They are easy to mount on the walls and can be used to display the contents from a landscape or portrait perspective.

The LED light box displays look good against a wall rather than in a window.

LED Light Panel Displays

The LED light panel displays are meant to catch people’s eye as they walk past. With hair salon window displays, pictures of products and services couldn’t be missed by potential clients as they walk past these stunning panels. They are illuminated from floor to ceiling, with all the cabling kept tidily out of view. And when lit they create a focal point for any salon.

Panels come in a range of different sizes, and there is also a free-standing version for salons where space is a premium.

There is no doubt that hair dressing salons looking to make the maximum impact would benefit from LED displays, as they are certainly eye-catching statement pieces.

Presently the beauty industry is experiencing an overwhelming boom where the demands of the consumer markets have been met consistently. The beauty industry has always witnessed neck deep competition and that is why you need to come up with exciting strategies to stay in the news. The exciting strategies could be anything from the way you market your hair salon, to the kind of advertisement you put up and even the kind of displays you flaunt to grab attention.

Understanding the magnitude of the competition that is present, it is time to start using window displays since they have high chances to increase retention power among potential clients. Let us take a close look at the effective ways in which hair salon window displays can impress customers.

  • Creates a Soothing Ambience – The main agenda of a hair salon is to create a soothing ambience that will instantly make clients feel comfortable. Privacy is very important and the best way to add that inside your hair salon is by introducing window displays inside the salon itself. These displays are effective because no one from the outside can see what is happening inside and will automatically add to the privacy of the customers.
  • Publishes Advertisements – Advertisements is the best way to market your hair salon and grab attention. Window displays are extremely effective when it comes to the hair salons because you can always advertise about your salon in those displays.
  • Adds to the Visual Attraction – Window displays are extremely visually appealing and having them in your salon increases the retention power of your clients. Proper use of lights around your displays is the best way to make your salon look interesting. This is a great way to impress clients in the first instance.
  • Sells Hair Products– Hair salon window displays is also an effective way to showcase hair products that your salon is trying to sell. This is an approach that increases sales and you tend to attract several customers. The more you flaunt various products you have, better will be your sales.
  • Triggers Impulse Buying – The visual appeal that comes with window displays automatically triggers a lot of impulse shopping. This form of shopping is obviously good for the hair salon business to prosper.

Window displays in hair salons have time and again proved to be extremely effective for the salon to prosper and do well financially.

An acrylic display stand is important because it helps store owners to flaunt the products well for potential customers to easily spot them. Be it expensive jewellery, artefacts or even food items these stands are necessary. Interestingly, they are available in various materials like glass, wood and metal but acrylic is the current favourite among retailers. Acrylic stands look simple and classy, it is the simplicity that allows customers to have all their attention on the products than on the stands. That’s not all, there are several other reasons for retailers to opt for acrylic display stands as well. Take a quick look at these.

  • Versatility – Acrylic display stands have a professional look and that is the main reason for retailers to show an increasing preference towards them. Also, acrylic can be easily moulded and shaped to give different forms as is required to display the products.
  • Lightweight – These display stands are the lightest choice among the other display stands and that is because acrylic is a very light material. This makes displaying merchandise in stores or exhibitions a lot easier. The only concern here should be to transport it well.
  • Easy Maintenance – Using display stands indicate that you need to maintain them well and keep them clean to look good. Refrain from using polish because that will lead to discolouration. It is best to use a multi-purpose cleaner for easy maintenance of the display stands.
  • Cost Effective – Lightweight acrylic display stands are also very cost effective and fit the size of your pocket well. Acrylic stands are comparatively inexpensive compared to metallic, wood and glass stands. Also, they are a lot more resilient than glass which makes them even more durable.
  • Visually Appealing – The look of acrylic display stands are extremely visually appealing because of the simple and clean look they have. In fact, having these display stands imply that all eyes will be on the products, after all, that is the main focus of the retailers.

For retailers planning to run their business successfully, it is important to make the right choice and continue to impress customers.

Visual merchandising is the tried and tested approach to market your store and create a lot of buzz surrounding your business. In spite of the effectiveness that window displays have, it comes across as a challenge for many entrepreneurs. That is mainly because window displays are effective only when you get in touch with the right supplier. Understanding the problem areas entrepreneurs face, we come up with handy solutions that will help them spot the best supplier.

  • Industry Experience – Experience always enriches people because they act like the biggest learning lesson. Good experiences motivate people to continue with their good work and bad experiences teach important lessons. When selecting window display suppliers, care needs to be taken that you check the years they have spent in this industry.
  • Product Range – Entrepreneurs want diverse product range that will give their business display the much needed variety. In order to get the diversity in your business store, it is important to check the varied range of products that your supplier has. Make sure you check that before planning to work together.
  • Branding Strategy – Window display supplies are a great marketing and branding tool for your business. Care needs to be taken that the team of suppliers you are getting in touch with have the ability to customise branding strategies for your business.
  • Communication – In order to work well it is essential to have great communication skills. Clarity in communication will help both the suppliers and the entrepreneurs to be clear about the things that they want. Effective communication will avoid the work related confusion to stay at bay and get the best results.
  • Feedback from Previous Clients – When planning to work with a particular window display supplier you must check the experience of their previous clients. This will give you the best report about their quality of work. However, make sure you don’t stick to any single opinion and talk to a handful of previous clients.

Choosing the right window display supplier is important in order to get the desired results that you want in your store to make your business a successful venture.

Advertising your business is an important aspect that helps customers relate to your company better. It also helps potential customers because now your company is easily accessible. Outdoor advertising is not just essential for small businesses but also for the big names as well.  In fact, there needs to be an effective advertising strategy and it needs to be re-invented from time to time to escape the monotony.

Outdoor advertising strategies need to be different and one such idea is bordering around LED estate agent displays. These displays are major crowd pullers because they tend to highlight your enterprise and make people notice it from afar. These displays create a direct audience connect because of the visual appeal and for the attention to detail.

As has been mentioned previously, advertising strategies keep changing. So, let us take a look at the advertising tips surrounding LED estate agent displays.

  • Reflects Innovation – LED estate agent displays are opening new avenues and shaping the future of interior displays. In fact, it is the best way to inform business houses that they should start adopting it. They are energy efficient and advertise the business as eco-friendly.
  • Creates Direct Customer Connect – These display lights are an attraction which is easily affordable. The introduction of these displays tends to have a direct connect with customers because they convey some message about the brand.
  • Focuses on your Business – With the help of these displays you can always focus on your organization and inform people how you can serve them better. But these displays can also be used effectively to attach your company logo that will increase the retention power among customers.
  • Communicates with Customers – Displays are all about the lighting that is being used effectively. However, the lighting acts as a catalyst to inform people about your company. It is the lighting that increases the visual appeal and draws attention towards your business.

Outdoor advertising for your organisation in the right way is extremely effective to set the revenue bells ringing and accelerate sales. In this process, you can strategically use LED displays.