Better Your Salesman Traits by Using Estate Agent Window Displays

Light up your window style

Passing trade is one of the biggest targets for most high street and small town businesses. But how do you make sure you attract these passers-by? What will make your window display stand out from the rest? On those dark nights, how will you inspire those walking by to stop and look inside?

Your store window is the soul of your estate agency. It is the place where you can seek to inspire your customers. Appeal to their imagination, style or taste. Big brands go all out with window displays and some even plan their windows well in advance, down to every little detail and taking into account seasonal themes and other big events.

Dressed to impress

From Barneys department store with its ice castles and live performances, to the famous Tiffany boutique on 5th Avenue and its diamante deers and dazzling chandeliers, knowing your market is key to dressing your window.

First things first, go outside and have a good look, imagine yourself as the customer. What would you want to see? Is your window well laid out? Does it invite people to come in? Is there anything missing? These are all essential questions when trying to understand your customer’s view.

Once you know just what it is that you want in your window, what exactly you want your window displays to achieve, how much space you have and the budget available, you are on the right path to creating a dazzling display that is perfect for your business.

Light it up

Lighting could also help to increase business. In fact, research has shown that adding lighting to your window display could increase sales by up to 107 per cent. Put simply, the addition of effective lighting could double your sales and draw customers in. Lighting definitely attracts the eye, which in turn will focus attention on your display.

If you look around your high street you will see many shops using lights to highlight features, with many of them estate agent window displays. For estate agents, whose only focus is to display available property, lighting around each card is a highly effective way to make their window look more interesting and attractive.

So, next time you are looking to improve your window display, turn to lighting to add a little bit of dazzle and a whole lot of interest, to really take your business to the next level.