For most retail outlets, their Window Display is what usually determines the amount of foot-fall into their store. This is especially true for newer establishments or very busy High Streets such as Oxford Street where competition is fierce and multiple department stores are completing for the attention of the passing by shopper.

Whilst it’s safe to say that the larger outlets understand the importance of having a display that “works”, the same cannot be said for smaller retailer and shops who often underestimate the importance of their shop displays and how it can have a direct impact to their bottom line.

We wanted to take the time to give you some tips on what you can do to help increase the appeal of your window displays which can ultimately grow your business.

Think of solutions

Take Valentine’s Day for example. Around this time, most retailers focus on how they can make their displays red!  And that’s not such a bad thing until you realise that every other retailer is doing the exact same thing.

Instead, why not think harder about your customers and what this day actually means to them. You could for instance, think about a theme such as ‘How to mend a broken heart’.  Whilst you display sorry, I forgive you themed cards and gifts, you can also display your traditional ‘I love you’ items for sale alongside.  You can take this one step further and have a wacky theme such as ‘How to get back with your ex’. In most cases, your offering hasn’t changed, the marketing angle has which can help you stand out.

Keep it ‘above the fold’

The same way that you need to keep the most important information of your website above the fold, or how a newspaper displays the most important headlines in the first half, you should have a clear understanding of the areas of your window display that most users can see.

Many window displays aren’t at street level and it’s possible that the display location that a passer-by sees isn’t always the most obvious point.

Less is more

Most displays are crammed with products which can prevent you from highlighting any one or few items. No matter what business you are in, you’ll have some products which are best-sellers or some which don’t sell quite as much but it’s in your best interest to push these for a variety of reasons (manufacturer incentives, profit margins and so on).

Think about these factors when deciding what to display. You can periodically update the displays so all of your products get to see the ‘light of day’ but limiting the amount of products on display at any one point can be a good thing.

Always be testing

One of the most important things to remember is always be testing. There’s no golden rule when it comes to window displays and what works for one retailer may not work for you. That includes your competition.

We hope you find this article useful. For more information check out Window Displays.

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