The way products are displayed can make a huge difference to the profitability of a business. In order to catch the attention of consumers, displays should be high-quality, attractive and eye-catching.

For retail businesses, showing off products within a display cabinet is a large part of the selling process, so choosing the right style of cabinet is essential.

Acrylic displays are among the most popular types of cabinet. Typically constructed from Perspex or plastic, the glass-like designs come in a wide variety of colours and styles and can offer a number of benefits to the retailer.


Of course, all businesses take the health and safety of their customers and staff very seriously. This is a major consideration when it comes to choosing the right display cabinet, especially in a busy shop.

While glass cabinets can work well in many situations, the possible implications of a child running into a glass cabinet might make an acrylic cabinet the better choice. Acrylic display cabinets may reduce the chances of the retailer having to spend a lot of money replacing expensive glass cabinets following a breakage.

Acrylic cabinets are lighter and easier to move around the store, often without the need to completely dismantle them or the use of specialist equipment.


Displaying food in a glass cabinet can sometimes reduce its shelf life, especially if the sun is shining on it. Acrylics solve this issue, providing a display cabinet which both protects the product from these elements and often offers a greater degree of clarity, so customers can more easily see what is being displayed.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Acrylic cabinets are often significantly easier to clean and maintain than other materials. The time required for cleaning at the beginning or end of each working day is therefore reduced, leaving more time for other essential chores. Lots of businesses have to pay staff for extra time outside of opening hours simply to carry out daily cleaning duties, so imagine the cost saving of using acrylic cabinets, which remain clean and fresh for longer and take less time when they do need a once-over.

Acrylic display cabinets are cost-effective and easy to install. They come in a large range of designs and styles to suit many different stores and types of product. They are a fantastic alternative to glass or wooden cabinets, particularly when displays are frequently moved around a store.