Display cubes are very popular for showing your products or objets d’art to their best advantage. They are really practical because they are easy to stack or link together to make any size of display and can be fitted into different spaces. Cubes can be used to display just a single item or a larger collection. There are various types of display cube for different applications, including retail and exhibitions. These cubes are available in wood, metal and plastic materials, but possibly the most effective are the clear glass and acrylic designs.

Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic display cases are versatile and attractive, allowing the item to be viewed from all angles and lit effectively to maximize impact. They are ideal for lighter items and are available in flat-pack form, making them a practical option for displays that need to be moved from venue to venue. The cubes interlock and are quick to assemble. They can be used to form displays of different sizes and can be dismantled before being transported in flat form.

Glass display cases can also be used to show items but are heavier and less robust.

K-Cube System

For extra-quick assembly and dismantling, the K-cube system is hard to beat. As it is so easy to assemble by simply slotting parts together, it is ideal for use in exhibitions. There are optional panels that can have graphics printed on to them and can be used at the front, middle or back of the display. Although this system is easy to store and transport because it is flat-packed, it is surprisingly rigid and robust. Again, these display cubes can be assembled in various configurations and sizes.

Tubular Cube Displays

If you are planning a permanent display of heavier items, tubular display cases may be your best option. They are constructed from aluminium tubes with acrylic shelves and an open front, back and sides, ideal for displaying heavy items. They are assembled using a rubber mallet and, unlike the previous options, are not designed to be taken apart and moved.

The individual size and weight of the items you are planning to display, and whether you need to move or change the display frequently, will impact on which cubes you choose. However, the cube is probably the most practical solution for most display spaces, whether it is on the floor, on a table or even suspended from the ceiling.