If you’re a Lego collector, you’ll know the importance of preserving the results of your hours of labour. By using specifically designed display cases for your Lego creations, you are making sure that your handiwork is safely stored while also being visible for the all-important bragging rights! Whether you are an avid collector or want to keep your collection away from grubby fingers or guests, proper display cases are a must for safety.

Seeing Clearly

Lego display cases are made from clear acrylic, so they are perfect for safeguarding against dust. The acrylic cases are also easy to clean, so if you do find yourself having to wipe off grubby finger marks, it’s easy to do so. Each side of the box is crystal clear, giving you the flexibility to choose how you show off your collection, and the screws used to construct the display boxes are discreet and don’t detract from your collectible at all.


Rather than playing guessing games with size, a Lego display case can also be purchased by collection type. Whether you’re in the process of creating your own fleet of Star Wars space craft or want somewhere to display your very own DeLorean time machine, you can choose a display case that will be the perfect size. They’re also very easy to assemble, and they will come already packaged with screws and an Allen key so you can get straight on with display-making. It’s so easy to set up too – simply position your Lego on the base and put the case over it for instant safe-keeping.

Extra, Extra!

If you’re not keen on the idea of a clear base or want a different colour base to make your collection stand out, a range of Lego display case designs will allow for custom base colours that can really up the wow factor for your Lego creations. Black bases work particularly well with lighter-coloured creations that make them ‘pop’. With or without a stand, bases can add a finishing touch that you didn’t know you needed.

Keeping your collectibles clean doesn’t have to be a laborious process, thanks to acrylic display cases. And with a wide range of sizes available, you can be assured that your collection is well covered. From a Death Star to DeLorean, it’s the best way to ensure your Lego remains dust-free but still visible to be enjoyed by all.