Floor-standing Cable Displays

Our Products: Floor-standing Cable Displays
Strong mobile floor-standing displays for use in shop windows or exhibitions.
These frames are easy to assemble and allow a variety of display configurations.
Please contact us if you want a configuration that is not shown.

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If you want to get the best display units for your store, Pure Display is where you can start and end your search. We offer extraordinarily eye-catching floor-standing cable displays for your business.

Varying Products to Suit Varying Needs

Our offerings include A1 Portrait 1x1 display sets, A2 Landscape 1x2 display sets, A3 Portrait 1x3 display sets, A4 Portrait 4x4 display sets and many more. Whether you want to display your services or merchandise within your store, our products can be your perfect marketing tool. With the aim to offer you a satisfying user experience, we provide strong and lasting mobile floor units.

With our products, you can always be assured of constant footfall of customers. Some of our products also come with the feature to add cubes or alter the size of posters. Elliptical aluminium poles make the floor-standing cable displays attractive and you can successfully attract the attention of your target customers.

We Ensure Constant Supply of Products at our Warehouse

With the goal to keep our clients satisfied, we keep our warehouse fully stocked. You can place an order any time of the year. We will deliver the products to your specified address. If you want quick service, you can also opt for our next day delivery service.

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