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Pure Display presents you with a large range of cube display connector systems to display your merchandise. We offer competitively priced shop fittings with high design and remarkable quality. You can opt for our cube connector systems to enhance the branding of your business in stores and exhibitions.

This system comes flat-packed and can be assembled and disassembled easily, so mades it a natural choice for using at exhibitions.

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This connector system is very flexible.  Our connector system range consists of glass cube displays and acrylic cube displays (available in clear, black and white), and we also stock spare parts for cube displays.

Our glass cube displays come in hexagonal designs. As far as our acrylic cube displays are concerned, they feature lockable cubes, columns, gondolas and open-top cubes. You can browse our collection to choose spare parts like clear acrylic panels, cube connectors, degree connectors, hinge connectors, hasp connectors, clear glass panels, lockable doors and more. You can select the cube systems and spare parts as per your choice of size, colour and requirements.
With the connector elements, you can easily change the look of the display from time to time. All you have to do is add or reduce the panels in the system to come up with a completely new look.

For more infomation about cube display systems, please see: Cube Display Connectors Guide
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Our cube connector systems are tested to render high performance. They are food grade and chemical resistant in nature. We can assure you that our products can provide your business prominence and high visibility.

Our Cube Connector Systems are Applicable in Multiple Industries

●    Beauty and Fashion
●    Jewellery Stores
●    Exhibitions
●    Restaurants and Bars

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Order from our store of cube connector systems. We can deliver the products within 1 to 3 days, or we can also arrange for the products to be sent to your address the day after you place your order. Call us or send us an email to decide the perfect cube connector system for your store, exhibition or trade show.