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At Pure Display, we offer you high quality LED lighting paper or film to use with desktop inkjet printers and laser printers. Our stock of inkjet and laser LED lighting paper/films are considered to be among the best in the UK. With years of experience in the industry, we have occupied a prominent position in the hearts of our clients.

With back lit features, the paper evenly distributes the light, making the most of the design. They can wonderfully highlight the major features of graphics when used in your display. They are perfect to be used in light boxes and light panels. If you wish to print high quality images, nothing can compete with our inkjet and laser LED lighting paper/film.

Ex VAT Price: £30.00

List Price: £35.00
You Save: £5.00 (14%)
Ex VAT Price: £60.00

List Price: £70.00
You Save: £10.00 (14%)
Ex VAT Price: £35.00
Ex VAT Price: £70.00

Varied Products to Cater to your Requirements

We offer Back Lit Inkjet Light Panel Paper/Film in A3 and A4 size, available in packs of 5 & 50 and 10 & 50 respectively.

Our high grade paper or film is designed to meet the requirements of our clients. Tested to tolerate strong rays of light, the products are exactly what you need. All you have to do is select the pack you need and place an order. We will ensure timely delivery of the shipment to your stated address.

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