A2 LED Light Panel Window Displays

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Fully insulated LED window display lighting suspended on cables.

This new range of light panel and cable display set eliminated the risk of shorting the electrical circuit, by accidentally touching a metallic object onto the bare cables. These sets include insulated cables with a rubber coating. The cable kits themselves have also been designed to be installed into metallic surfaces without any additional parts.

Estate agents and letting agents are one of the first to embrace these new LED back lit window displays.
Why choose these LED back lit cable displays?
  1. Cable kits are fully insulated, so can be installed into our track system or metallic window frames and has almost no chance of accidently shorting the electrical circuit.
  2. LED's are whiter than many on the market (less yellow).
  3. Back lit pockets do not use lines or grid, so won't see any lines behind the graphics.
  4. Bevelled edge is lit and fully surrounds the pocket with no breaks.

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