Effective Window Display

Boost your sales by attracting more passing foot traffic, through effective use of your window display. We have a variety of ways to create an eye catching window display, which is essential to any retail store.

A good window display (or shop display) can be very effective to communicate brand identity and business promotions. Whether you have a small or large window, you can easily make the most of the space you have.
Advertise your in-store promotions, special offers or new products. Add a big poster in your window that says what you do. Communicate what you offer in your shop through eye-catching artwork, using quality window display equipment. In the case of estate agents, letting agents and recruitment consultants, display the best deals with smaller multiple posters (such as A4 size) and update them frequently.

The ideal solution for displaying posters is using cable poster displays that are installed (usually floor to ceiling) and suspend poster holders on these minimal looking system. One of the great things about our cable display system is that no one really noticed the display itself, as they are instantly drawn towards the message within the poster holder.
LED Light Panel Display
If you really what to make a bold statement with effective poster displays, we have the latest LED light panel displays. These are back lit poster display pockets that are fitted to the cable displays. They also have a beautiful bevelled edge that reflects the LED light, making the edges of the acrylic light up like a glowing frame.
One of the most effective ways to illustrate what you sell in your window display, of course, is to display some of those products in the window itself. This method is, in some ways, easier as you do not have to get involved with producing any graphics to hang in the poster displays. Products can be displayed in various ways, which we will now run through.
Acrylic Cube Window Display Flat-packed Connector System

This system is so flexible in what it can do. When used with acrylic or glass panels, a series of cubes can be created in many different configurations. Products can be placed in each cube location, which will look great for your window display.

If you decide to change your window display cubes later on down the line, it's so easy to do. We supply extra cube parts to turn an existing cube display into something different.
We have lockable cubes, hexagon shaped displays, various colours available, display pedestals with clear cubes on top and more. Various sizes and colours are available as standard.

Here's the best place to start to see what our flat-pack cube display system can achieve.
Acrylic Coulmn Pedestal
Lockable Acrylic Cube Display Multi-tiered hexagon display

Cable Display System

This system is a favourite of many, due to its low cost, ease of installation and simplistic style. Cable displays can also be used to display merchandising, generally used for light weight goods.
Acrylic Coulmn Pedestal To compliment your cable display posters, which shows your promotions, cable display shelves can be used in combiniation with the posters.

A favourity for many beauty shop, opticians and jewellery shops is the suspended acrylic cable display cubes. These clear acrylic boxes are hung on the cables and look absolutely fantastic.
Lockable Acrylic Cube Display

K-Cube System

Mechandising display has never been so easy with this easy slot together K-Cube system. They look amazing and they're so easy to assemble and disassemble. Made from strong ABS plastic, this system constructs a attractive rigid display in minutes.

Acrylic Coulmn Pedestal The K-Cube system is ideal for exhibtions. There's not many systems that are easy to assemble, easy to transport, strong construction and looks great. This exhibtion display system does it all. Similar to the connector cube system above, the K-Cube can be configured in many different ways. However, this system is stronger and quicker to assemble.

Of course, at the end of the long days at the exhibition hall when everyone is scambling to pack up and leave, the K-Cube system is ever faster to disassemble.