Wall Mounted Displays

Don't waste valuable wall space in your shop. There's so many wall mounted options for your shop or exhibtion stand. We have a number of acrylic wall displays with chrome finish fittings.
Promotions and Notices
Wall mounted A4 size poster displays are often used in estate agents to advertise their property details. However, larger sizes are also available (A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1). You'll often find alrger sizes such as A1 size in waiting areas, corridors, elevators, behind shop counters and many more locations.

A very popular style is when the poster graphic is sandwiched in-between two peices of clear acrylic and then fixed together by 4 or 6 metals fittings. This whole acrylic wall display is then held about 20mm away from the wall using these fittings, to create a minimal free floating look. This style looks fantastic, but changing the graphics involves unscrewing the four wall fittings, in order to remove the poster from the two acrylic panels. This is not difficult, but may not be the best option if you require very frequent graphic changes (every week). We have easy access wall mounted displays, which have a similar look and feel. These easy access versions do not require any dis-assembly to change the graphics. The acrylic poster holder is designed to be prized opwn ever so slightly, so you can slide the poster in and out very easily.
If you need to display multiple graphics, like estate agent displays, then using wall to wall cable displays is the best option. We supply cable displays in convenient sets, so you don't have to do all the leg work of calculating all the cable display fittings you'll need. Choose 'wall to wall' set-up to opt for wall mounted.
A4 Wall DisplayMultiple A4 Portrait Wall DisplayWall mounted cable display
Display your in-store merchandise with minimalist style.