Adding to Your Estate Agent Displays

Whether you need to add extra rows or columns to your existing cable display system or simply replace a few lost or broken parts, we have all the components available to purchase.
Pure Display offers various type of estate agent display and one of the most common is the cable display system. Quite often, estate agents have an existing window display, but need to make changes or replace individual parts. See the following links for different parts of the cable display system, from the metal fittings to the acrylic poster holders.
Cable Display Fittings
Cable Display Poster Holders

There are different styles of fittings available on the market and ours may not match your existing ones. If in doubt, please contact us.

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Cable Display Poster Sets

Cable Displays are the most common window displays for estate agents in the UK. Ifyouplanto install an entirely new window display using suspended cables and acrylic poster holder, there's a few things you may need to consider:
1.Whatsizeposter and orientation do you require? The most popular is A4 portrait.
2.Doyouplan to change the size and/or orientation? For example at a later date, change from A4 portrait to A3 landscape. If so, you should install the optional cable track systems, which allows you to adjust the cable distances without needing to drill new holes. Cable track toggles are required to fix the regular cable kits to the cable track system.

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Cable Display Light Panel Sets

Back lit LED light panel displays are all the rage with estate agents and letting agents. They are cutting edge, stylish and sophisticated. These are the higher end of window displays, illustrating the high quality business it represents.
Our LED light panels delivery a high end specification (bevelled edge, insulated cables and whiter light) at very competitive prices and in-stock ready to dispatch.

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Exhibition / Floor-standing Displays

Both regular cable displays and LED light panel displays require installation. If this is not possible, we have the option of free-standing displays.
We do have cable displays and LED light panel displays that are contained inside a free-standing frame, which can be easily moved around.
The other option is an angled free-standing display unit. This design has a more minimal feel to it.

Exhibition / Floor-standing Displays

Wall Mounted Easy Access Poster Displays

Displaying property details inside the office is also important. We have a range of wall mounted displays suitable for estate agents. These can be individual poster displays or a grouped display with a coloured back panel.

Wall Mounted Easy Access Poster Displays

Rod Displays

Another option for easy access poster holders are wall mounted displays hanging on horizontal rods. These are a lower cost option for wall displays. The rods are installed onto the wall and a hook-over acrylic poster holder sits onto it.

Rod Displays