Cable Display Small & Large Grips

As well as supplying individual components for cable displays, we also supply easy purchase sets that include all the parts you need, so the hard work of counting all the parts needed is already done. Within these cable display sets, there are a couple of choices

Choose the right type of grips to suit your application.
In general, four grips are required for each poster holder used.
Large Vertical Grip
Small Vertical Grip
cable display vertical grip
cable display vertical clip
A4, A3
Appropriate if aesthetics is the deciding factor.
Appropriate if functional is the deciding factor.
Holds up to 6mm panels.
Holds up to 2mm panels.
Larger size makes it easier to install.
Smaller size means a little more accuracy is required to install.
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2. Easy Access Poster Holders
3. Shelves & Cubes
4. Single, Double & Triple A4 Pockets
5. Large Grips Vs Small Grips
6. Cable Track
7. UK Paper Sizes

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