Cable Display Track System

Cable Track
2 Metre Cable Track
Optional cutting available.
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Cable Track Toggle
Cable Track Fitting Lock
Track Fitting Toggle
Inserted from above.
Track Fitting Lock
Inserted from either ends.

There are two main advantages to adding the cable track system:

1. From time to time, you may want to change the poster sizes. Without tracks, you would need to drill new holes into the floor and ceiling. The tracks provide the flexibilty to re-position the cables to accomodate a change of poster size, without the need to drill new holes.

2. If you are installing a long series of cable displays, it's possible to save time and effort, from drilling lots of holes, by using cable tracks. For example, if you are installing a cable display set of 4 across and 3 down (Display Set 4x3), you would need to drill 5 holes along the floor and another 5 along the ceiling. These holes would need to be fairly accurately drilled to suit your poster sizes.

If you were to use a cable track and fittings along the floor and ceiling, you would only need to drill a few holes for each track to attach to the floor and ceiling. It would then be possible to slide the cable kit & fittings along the track until it's in the correct position, then secure into place.
Cable Display Fitting

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