New Illuminated LED Floor Standing Unit Development

Coming soon in early 2014 will be our floor standing units with LED back lit light panel displays. Unlike with cable displays, these floor standing units will not require installation, only assembly. They are constructed with a heavy base to keep them steady, but can be easily relocated. Each light pocket can be easily removed for poster changing and easy cleaning.
Please contact us by email or phone if you have any questions or want to be kept up to date with their availability. Call us today on 01923 468885.

New LED Floor Standing Estate Agent Display

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Exhibition / Floor-standing Displays

Exhibition / Floor-standing Displays

Cable Display Light Panel Sets

Cable Display Light Panel Sets

Cable Display Poster Sets

Cable Display Poster Sets

Back Lit LED Light Panel Pocket Displays

LED Light Panels have become the most popular display choice for estate agents. They are extremely bright, energy efficient and are easy to use. Their low power consumption means that they can be left switched on for 24 hours a day ensuring your business looks open all day everyday.

Here's a few of our special features:
Insulated cable for ease of installation and extra safety.
Attractive bevelled edge design style.
Optional wall fittings for the cable kit.
Optional cable tracks for multiple columns.

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LED Light Panel Display
Free-standing A4 Portrait Angled Display
Multiple A4 Portrait Wall Display

Another product that is very popular with estate agents, for their window display. This display is easily assembled and ready to show property details.

No installation required.

Floor-standing Angled A4 Portrait Display 2x2 (4x A4 Portrait)

Floor-standing Angled A4 Portrait Display 4x2 (8x A4 Portrait)

A4 Portrait Wall Mounted Displays
Multiple A4 Portrait Wall Display

Multiple A4 portrait wall mounted displays fixed onto a colour back panel. Back panel is available in black or white.
The A4 paper is easily changed, by simply sliding the paper in and out.

These wall mount displays can also be used as office notice boards.

Wall Display (4x A4 Portrait)
Wall Display (6x A4 Portrait)
Wall Display (8x A4 Portrait)

Close Up of Wall Display
Window Displays
Estate Agents Window Display

Cable Display System - Choose from A4, A3 and A2 poster sizes. These are easy access poster holders, designed for frequent poster changes.
Find out more about our cable display system with this helpful guide.

A4 size
A3 size
A2 size
A1 size

Estate Agents Wall Display